How to Finally Get Started to Create a Home You Love with this 5-Part Home Harmony Challenge

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No more stressing over the loads of to-do's on your list to make your home look and feel the way you want. In 5 days, you will have a system that will last you a lifetime!

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Video #1

Setting Up Trello

Video #2

The Capture Phase

Video #3

The Clarify Phase

Video #4

The Organize Phase

Video #5

The Reflection Phase

The Fastest Way to Get Started Creating a Home You Love!

Many people are overwhelmed by the idea of transforming their home because there are too many ideas for the brain to process ... and maybe you feel the same way. It's what I describe as a squirrel on a trampoline... your eye's darting every which way bouncing from idea to idea, room to room, but being catapulted to the next thing before you can even process what to do first. If you learn my simple technique for getting started, you will free yourself from that squirrely trampoline and finally make some progress in your home.

In this 5-Part Challenge, You will:

Know exactly which room or project to​​​​ start with

Using my simple strategy and favorite tool, Trello, you will be able to know exactly the order to tackle your home projects.

Create an organized, room-by-room task lineup

This lineup will give you an easy view of what you would like to accomplish that is easy to follow and manage.

Walk away with an easily updated, lifelong system 

As you work your way through your home, you'll be able to refer back and edit this system with ease!

Stuck on where to even beginning to improve your homes look and feel? This challenge is for you!

Hi! I'm Christin, the voice behind My Homier Home! My passion for organizing, planning, teaching, and all things home has been manifesting since I was a kid, but my love for simplifying a nagging to-do list started in 2015 when my husband and I relocated to Indianapolis. 

It wasn't until I discovered Trello and the book, Getting Things Done, that I finally was able to create a system that worked for me and my family. I can't wait for you to join this challenge and finally feel at ease in pursuing a homier home. Only 5 Days from now you could have peace of mind towards creating a beautiful, functional home!

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Use code: focusednewyear at checkout to start this challenge for free!

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